The focus here is on the act of driving, not what we are driving.  Vintage or modern, foreign or import, factory fresh or heavily modified, all are welcomed, heck we own them all ourselves.

Driving content will focus on epic road trips, and our passionate search for the best driving roads around, however our cars have been known to go around the road course, down the  ¼ mile, through mud, and over rocks too.

All those miles inevitably result in some garage time too, so you will find coverage of tools, tips & tricks, quick fixes, safety, and our current projects.

Finally we’ll cover our own enthusiast culture as it is found on TV,  in movies, books, websites maybe even art, fashion and design.

What you won’t find here are supercar test drives, Barrett Jackson coverage, or photos of our cars at Pebble Beach.  Everything here is from real folk, with real budgets.

Follow along as a bunch of middle-class guys enjoy the hobby to the fullest extent with the emptiest of pockets.