An Impromptu Road Trip

A cursory glance at the calendar combined with a dose of perhaps a bit too much anticipation had us on the road to a car show that was…ahem…a few weeks away yet.  The distinct lack of collector cars on the road as we neared, was the first clue that something was awry.  The empty park that Google maps led us to was a strong second.  Ooops.  Might as well make the best of it, lemons to lemonade and all that!

One of our go to methods of planning road trips is to look on the map for the most winding roads we can find, and stringing them together.  With the planning stage altogether omitted, we were forced to improvise.  Simply pulling off the four lane highway instantly improved our situation, pointing the car towards a string of towns and crossroads we had yet to visit sealed the deal – a road trip happened.

Our route followed a path rich in history and featuring some great museums and beautiful parks.  We will be featuring our various road trips including this one, in detail here in the future.  For now enjoy the photos of our simple roadside discoveries.  From rare rural architecture to delicious butter tarts.  From clock towers to sunbathing roosters.  Even an impromptu road trip can be filled with roadside adventure if you keep your eyes open.  If you have any questions or just can’t wait for the specifics, post below, and we’ll be happy to fill you in.

A vestige of times past

Looking south across Lake Erie

A rare 8 sided barn, now a source of outstanding butter tarts

A typical trait of round barns is the cupola

At least they cut their lawn

A twist on the typical rusty farm wreck

A warm glow peaks out of the clouds

Will today’s gas stations ever be considered charming?

This truss bridge was never intended to be beautiful

A glance out the window reduces the landscape to a blur of colour